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Nursery Education


Children aged 3+ are admitted to our Nursery in the September of the Academic Year that they attain the age of four.  Children commence school in small groups on a staggered basis.  This allows staff and pupils to build up a relationship in our wonderful, secure, happy environment.


A welcome evening takes place in June/July to introduce new parents to the Early Years Department.


Admissions - Nursery provision is available at the school on the basis of 5 x 2.5 hour sessions per week for each child.


Nursery education is not a statutory provision and parents have no right of appeal under the Education Act 1980 if they are unsuccessful in gaining a nursery place.


Admission to a nursery class or unit of a particular Foundation Phase or primary school does not guarantee admission to that school.


Parents who wish their children to be admitted to our school and who wish to visit the school and/or obtain more information are welcome to do so by arrangement with the Headteacher.  All necessary forms are available at school.


Our aim is to encourage our youngest children to become independent and to be self confident within a secure and happy environment, which awakens curiosity and arouses interest.


They will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities suited to their age and developmental needs.


Nursery Education in its own special way may be seen as an extension of experiences received at home whilst preparing the child for future schooling.




The LEA is the admitting authority.


Older Pupils


Admission for older classes can be arranged at any time and parents are asked to consult with the Headteacher and complete a Flintshire County Council Transfer Request Form. The LEA is the admitting authority.




A copy of the school’s Admission Policy is available upon request from the Headteacher.