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Languages Literacy and Communication

The Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning and Experience will enable all learners to gain knowledge and skills in Welsh, English and international languages as well as in literature.
In all cases, it will encourage learners to be aware of the links between languages as they develop an appreciation of the origins of words and an interest in language patterns. They will be encouraged to transfer what they have learned about how languages work in, for example, Welsh and English to learning and using international languages. This multilingual approach will ignite learners’ enthusiasm and provide them with a firm foundation for a lifelong interest in learning subsequent languages and in literature from Wales and the world.
Our aims are to teach children to speak clearly, fluently and appropriately, to listen attentively and critically and to read with understanding and discrimination.  We aim to teach them to take pleasure in reading and to enjoy good literature, to write lucidly, coherently and effectively and to appreciate the potential of language as a vehicle for thought and expression and to understand the way language varies according to its purpose and context.