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Science and Technology


Children now have to study science throughout their primary years of education. It is as basic a part of their education as literacy and numeracy. What science has to offer them is both a method of thinking and doing and a way of finding answers. Science thus has an essential contribution to make in the education of our children and should enable them to:

  • develop scientific skills and methods of investigation


  • understand and question the world around them showing interest and curiosity


  • develop a respect for living organisms and the environment


  • understand the contribution science makes to society


A copy of the school’s Science Policy is available upon request from the Headteacher


Information and Communication Technology


Each class has a computer and there is an interactive white board in all classes to develop I.C.T. skills. The School has an I.C.T. Suite which is timetabled for use by all pupils from Early Years to Year 6. This has been a wonderful addition to our resources with teaching and learning time being most effective. The school has a wireless network and pupils can access the internet via laptops anywhere in the school.


A copy of the school’s Information Technology Policy is available upon request from the Headteacher.