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Mathematics and Numeracy



Our aim is to give pupils a thorough grounding in basic computation. Pupils are given a variety of problem solving situations where they can apply their skills and knowledge at the appropriate level, thus developing their mathematical thinking and its application to life.


The mathematics schemes used to match pupils' work with the requirements of the Foundation Phase and National Curriculum are:


Early Years – Foundation Phase Framework/Maths Makes Sense (MMS)


Foundation Phase - Foundation Phase Framework - MMS


Key Stage 2 – KS2 Numeracy Progression Framework through experiential learning.


The work involves a great deal of mental, practical and investigative work, using calculators and other equipment. Nevertheless we continue to hold firm to the belief that skills in basic number work, tables and number bonds are essential to sound mathematical learning.


Our thematic approach to the teaching of Maths also supports our aim for all children to apply their numeracy skills.


A copy of the school’s Maths Policy is available upon request from the Headteacher.