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Language Development   


This school aims to provide a secure, stimulating environment in which every child will be encouraged to develop the quality of the spoken language, the written word and knowledge and appreciation of literature.


The English Policy acknowledges the inter-relationship of the four aspects of language - listening, speaking, reading and writing.  It recognises that listening and talking are a necessary foundation for children to practise before being guided into reading and writing.  The National Curriculum gives three different aspects of knowledge, skills and understanding:                                   


(i)   Speaking and Listening

(ii)  Reading   

(iii) Writing


A programme of learning is based on the everyday practice of these aspects.  Language is all embracing.  It is used in every area of the curriculum.


Our aims are to teach children to speak clearly, fluently and appropriately, to listen attentively and critically and to read with understanding and discrimination.  We aim to teach them to take pleasure in reading and to enjoy good literature, to write lucidly, coherently and effectively and to appreciate the potential of language as a vehicle for thought and expression and to understand the way language varies according to its purpose and context.


The scheme of work ensures that there is a congruence of aims and a continuity of activities between each year.  We recognise that expanding each child's capacity for using language is a continuous and vital process, not confined to 'English' lessons only.


The priority for the school this year is to improve the standards of Literacy across the school for all pupils. We have introduced a new scheme with a proven track record called “Read Write Inc.”. We are spending time every day with pupils grouped according to their stage of development so as to teach a phonic approach to reading writing and spelling.


A copy of the school’s English Policy is available upon request from the Headteacher.